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True Friends

Does a solitary tree amid a dense forest really make a sound
If no-one is there to hear it groan, as it comes crashing to the ground

If you ‘laugh, and the whole world laughs with you’, is it also true
That when you ‘cry, you cry alone’ as if no-one had a clue

‘No man is an island’ you’ve often heard it said
But in troubled waters, sharks do circle and turn the blue to red

Is it possible to be lonely while walking among a busy crowd
Personality gets forgotten, by those who shout too loud

Does the sun ever stop shining, just because there is a cloud
That stops it’s beam lighting up your life, causing darkness like a shroud

Did you actually lose real friends at the time you needed them the most
Chameleons who showed true colours, when life’s party you could no longer host

It’s in the difficult times of trouble, of hardship, worry, sorrow and grief
That our kindness, compassion, and empathy helps others turn over a new leaf

True friends are the people who in tough days will always stick by another
Love you, counsel you, care for your welfare even closer than a brother

If ‘true friends are like diamonds, they are precious and rare’
Are you a common diamond substitute that’s manufactured everywhere

Ask yourself this question, be true – for an honest answer is a must
In their times of trouble, would your friends be able to see you through the dust

Remember, this life we say we own on earth, is really just on lease
So treat it well, and when the lease is up, it will be returned with peace

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